Lesson 5: Mapping Trade Areas Categorically

ENVISION’s mapping capability has impressive features that allow you to quickly and easily create a map displaying Trade Areas and Market areas. Add value to the Trade Area reports created in ENVISION with accompanying maps.

Here are some samples of the types of maps you can create from this lesson:



1. Watch the Mapping Trade Areas Lesson Video

Below, you will find an overview video (0:39) that illustrates trade area mapping capabilities.


2. Complete

You are now familiar with basic Trade Area Mapping in ENVISION. For further Trade Area Mapping techniques, please see the Mapping Trade Areas (Thematic) QuickStart below.

Additional Resources:

QuickStarts (step-by-step guides hosted here on our Community)

Mapping Trade Areas (Thematic)

Advanced Mapping Options  


You can now move on to Lesson 6: Other Mapping Techniques

Or return to the outline to select another lesson.

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