Mapping Customers

You can view your customers on a map using the mapping functionality. This tool provides the ability for you to view the general distribution of your customers, add customer layers, along with the ability to create custom thematic maps. 

Inputs Required:


There is a quick way to view the general distribution of customers on a map. 

1. In the side panel, click Mapping > Customers


2. In Step 1 - Select an Area of Interest, click Select.


3. Select an area that you'd like to use by clicking the checkmark next to it. Ensure that the area you select contains enough customers to create a meaningful map. 


4. Click Continue.

5. In Step 2 - Select a Customer File, click Select.


6. Select a customer file that you'd like to choose by clicking the checkmark next to it.


7. Specify the Map Type, Renderer Type and Scope.


  • The Map Type can be either:
    • Map Count which will create a thematic based on the count of the customers
    • Map % Penetration which will create a thematic based on the penetration of the customers in the specified geography
  • The Renderer Type dictates the type of map that will be created. It can be either:
    • A Graduated Colour Map (sometimes also referred to as a heat map or a choropleth map) that will shade the selected level of geography based on the number of customers found within.
    • A Graduated Circle Map will place circles within the selected level of geography, sized according to the count of customers
  • The Scope refers to the extent of the map being created. You can choose either:
    • Area(s) of Interest if you wish to constrain your thematic to just be within your area of interest
    • National if you wish to have the thematic map include values held in the entire country (the color/colour theme will go beyond the area(s) of interest)

Note: If you choose the Area(s) of Interest option, you may find that some geographies that cross the border of your Trade Area are unexpectedly shaded or not shaded. This is due to how the map is created. It is based on the centroid of the geography. If the centroid falls within your Trade Area, that geography is included. If the centroid falls outside of your Trade Area, that geography is excluded. If you wish to avoid it, you can either choose the National option or experiment with the Trade Area and/or the level of geography chosen.

8. In Step 3 - Select a Geographic Level, select the geographic level you wish to shade based on the customer count. This list is zoom-dependent, meaning that the view will change depending on how far zoomed-in or out your map is. 

Canadian Workspaces                                    American Workspaces

9. Click Create Map.

The map draws, shading select levels of geography based on the number of customers found within each boundary.

10. You can change the ranges, colors/colours and overlay options in Step 4 - Advanced Options


11. Click Create Map once you have made any necessary adjustments. 


12. You can change your map output in Step 5 - Printing Option pane. Select an output format from the Format list and click Print Map


Your map will be available on the Results page. 

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