Mapping Trade Areas (Thematic)

You can create a thematic map of either a variable or customers and symbolize the data within existing Trade Areas. For example, if areas around store locations have been created, the mapping function can thematically shade all of these corresponding areas. This functionality is similar to the features of mapping variables or customers, but the symbolization will be limited to Trade Areas only. 

Required Inputs:


1. In the side panel, click Mapping.


2. Click on the Add Layer tab.


3. Scroll over the Variable or Customer layers and click My Trade Areas.


4. Select your variable or customer file

For variable:


For Customer file:


5. Once you have made your selection, click Next.


6. Use the search bar to find the desired Trade Areas. Search by either Name or Tags by checking the search options. Click the checkboxes next to the Trade Areas that you'd like to include in your map. 


Note: Select a minimum of three Trade Areas. If you do not have enough or would like to create other Trade Areas, click Create New Area(s), which will lead you to a window where you can create Trade Areas using the Draw, Distance, Drivetime, Customer-Based, or Geography tools. Follow the steps in the Creating Custom Areas Using a Map article.

7. Click Next


8. Specify the Map Type.


9. Click Create Layer


Your map is created using Trade Areas as boundaries to constrain the thematic map. It may take a few minutes for the data and layer to load onto the map

10. Edit the style of your map to suit your preferences. 


Note: Toggling from breaks to labels allows you to customize the names of the ranges, which will be reflected in the legend.

11. Click Update Style once you are complete.



12. Navigate to the Content pane to see your map layers. Click the Reattach to Side Bar button that has a right arrow next to the exit workflow button. 




Each layer is driven by a workflow. You can rearrange layers by dragging them up and down, creating a hierarchical order for how each visible layer will be projected on the map.


13. You can add additional layers to your map by following the steps outlined in Mapping CustomersMapping Variables and Mapping Segments

14. Navigate to the Save Map tab and add a Title and Subtitle. Once complete, click Save. All saved maps are accessible through the Open Map tab.


15. Export the map using the Print tab. Make further customization changes to the map before printing or downloading.


Please see Customizing Thematic Map Range Labels and the Mapping Glossary for more information.

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