Mapping Trade Areas (Thematic)

You can create a thematic map of either a variable or your customers and symbolize the data within your existing trade areas. For example, if you have created areas around your store locations, you can now thematically shade all of these corresponding areas. This functionality is similar to the existing features of mapping variables or customers, but the symbolization will be limited to trade areas only.

Below, you will find a summary video (10:30) that covers keystrokes for mapping trade areas, specifically for variables, customers and boundaries. 

Required Inputs:


1. In the side panel, click Mapping Trade Areas > Variable or Customers.


2. In Step 1 – Select an Area of Interest, click Select.


3. Choose your area(s) of interest by selecting the check mark.


4. Click Continue.

5. In Step 2 – Select a Variable, select the data source year and click Continue.


6. Click the check box to select a variable. Once you have made your selection, click Continue.


7. Choose either Map Count or Map Index.

8. Choose either Graduated Color/Colour Map or Graduated Circle Map.


9. Click Create Map. Your map is created using trade areas as boundaries to constrain the thematic map.


10. In Step 3 – Advanced Options you can adjust your map further.

11. Use Step 4 – Printing Option to export your map. 

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