Lesson 2: Target Group Creation

1. Create and Edit a Target Set

i. Learn how to create groups of one or more segments in order to further analyze them in more detail.  A Target Set in ENVISION is a set of target groups. The results of one or more of the Profile reports from Lesson 1 should influence the segment make-up of the groups.

NB: ENVISION has multiple tools to help in the selection of target groups, however, we recommend consulting with your Environics Analytics Account Team before deploying target groups for your organization.

Walk-Through (this will open ENVISION and require you to log in)

Create a Target Set

Edit a Target Set

QuickStarts (step-by-step guides hosted here on our Community)

Create and Edit a Target Set (contains guides for creating, editing and saving target sets, as well as different methods for selecting target groups in ENVISION)


3. Complete

ii. Congratulations, you have now successfully created a Target Set in ENVISION! You can find your Target Set in the My Data > Target Sets section.

Let's move on to Target Group Analysis and Personification. Select your country version to continue:

CAD.png Lesson 3 (Canada Data): Target Group Analysis and Personification
USA.png Lesson 3 (USA Data): Target Group Analysis and Personification


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