Using the Claritas Net Worth Distributions Tool

Claritas Net Worth Distributions calculates net worth as assets against liabilities, and presents the average and aggregate net worth for households within a Trade Area, for both the current year and a five-year projection. The tool also provides the proportion of households within the Trade Area segmented by net worth. Net Worth Distributions can be used to identify areas of high net worth. Leveraging the five-year projection, Net Worth Distributions can be used to identify areas of worth growth or decline.

Use the WalkMe Through below as an on-screen, step-by-step guide for the tool in ENVISION, or refer to the steps below in this article.

WalkMe Through

Inputs Required:

  1. Begin by locating and launching the Claritas Net Worth Distributions tool from the ENVISION homepage.

    Claritas Net Worth Distributions tool icon

  2. Select the pages you wish to include in the report by clicking the check mark. Included pages will have a green checkmark Green checkmark. By default, all pages are included.Reorganize pages

    Next button

    Then, Click Next.

  3. Select one or more Trade Areas by clicking the checkmark next to the name of the area. The checkmark should be green Green checkmark once selected. 

    Select a trade area

  4. Select a Benchmark. Your benchmark should be an area that is larger than the Trade Area you already selected.

    Select a benchmark

  5. Customize the report name and click Create Dashboard. You will see a notification indicating that your report is being created. The report can be found on the Results once completed.

    Customize name and click create dashboard