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The Mapping Toolbar

There are nine tools available through the Mapping Toolbar in ENVISION, they are defined below. 

      1                 2                3                  4               5               6                7                 8                9

1. Search Map: Allows you to search for an address or place on the map. You also have the option to use your current location, which will pan the map accordingly. 


2. Map Click: Allows you to manually place a location on a map. 


3. Geocode a Location: Allows you to enter location information, which will then geocode and pan the map accordingly. 


4. Bookmark: Allows you to save a specific map view to refer to at a later time.

Note: Bookmarks are saved to your browser. If you need to clear your cache for whatever reason, they will be lost.


5. Scale/Zoom/Rotation: Allows you to adjust the proportions of the mapping interface. 


Note: Right-clicking a point in the map will allow you to rotate your map. 


6. Annotations: Allows you to add custom text to your map. Text can be further edited and adjusted in the Edit Font and Move Label tabs. 


7. Draw: Allows you to add shapes, lines, symbols, images and icons on the map.


Navigate to the Draw a Point tab > Symbol Type to adjust between a Point, Icon or Picture Symbol.  


Note: Users can upload Picture Symbols in the following formats: .png .jpeg .jpg .gif .tiff and .bmp.

8. Measurement Tools: Allows you to measure custom areas on your map by Distance or Area. Click the Unit drop-down option to change the unit of measurement. 

Distance Tab

Area Tab

9. Basemaps: Allows you to choose from one of the nine map display options.


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