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Using SiteScore

With SiteScore reports, users are able to identify profitable business locations for expansion in new and existing Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) markets.

Use WalkMe Through to be taken through a step-by-step of this process in ENVISION. Click on the WalkMe Through button below to get started!

WalkMe Through


1. In the side panel, click Mapping.


Please wait for the mapping page to load before proceeding. 

2. You have the option of using tools on the Mapping Toolbar to search for a location. 

3. Click the Search Map tool.


4. You can input a location using any of the following methods:

i) Typing in a full address

Example: 522 N Monroe St, San Jose, CA, 95128, USA

ii). Typing in a location coordinate

Example: Latitude: 37.3266, Longitude -121.9431

iii) Typing in an intersection

Example: Forest Avenue & N Monroe Street

5. Select the search button to navigate to your location.


6. Click the Map Click icon which allows you to manually place a point on the map. 


7. Select a desired point on the map until a location icon appears.

8. Click the point and select the SiteScore icon in the popup menu to generate a report.


9. Enter a Location Name. This will be the name of your report.


10. Click Create Report.

You will see a notification in the bottom-right corner indicating that your report is being created. Navigate to the Results page to access your report. 

For report interpretation, please see our SiteScore How To Read

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