Why is my shapefile (.SHP) import failing?

This is likely due to the fact that the source file you are using in ArcMap isn't in a projection that is compatible with ENVISION. Thankfully there is a relatively straightforward solution.

  1. In ArcMap, load the necessary shape file.
  2. Navigate to ArcToolBox > Data Management Tools > Projects and Transformations.
  3. Select Project. The Project tool will open.
  4. Use the current shape file as the Input Dataset or Feature Class.
  5. Specify a name and output folder for the Output Dataset or Feature Class. (Ensure to click Save as Type and choose Feature Dataset.)
  6. Click the button next to Output Coordinate System.
  7. Open the Geographic Coordinate Systems folder.

    Geographic coordinate systems folder
  8. Then open the World folder and select WGS 1984.

    Select WGS 1984
  9. Click OK.

    Click OK button
  10. In the Project dialog box, click OK again. The newly projected file (in WGS84, with SRID 4326) will be available in your specified output folder.