How do I create band or "donut" trade areas?

Create band or "donut" trade areas so that data is only captured within the band. For example, in a three to five-minute donut trade area, customers are only included who reside between three to five minutes from the location. Customers who live closer, that is less than three minutes away, or further than five minutes, are not included.

Create a band or donut trade area in ENVISION by using the dash to represent the band in the Sizes field. In the example below (Image #1), the one to three-minute donut trade area is notated as, "1-3" in the Sizes field. Note, multiple bands can be created by separating the notation with commas. For example, to create two bands of one to three, and four to six minutes, this would be notated as, "1-3, 4-6."

Please see the images below to see how this would look when working in ENVISION.

Image #1: Input in the Sizes field the definition of the band.

Input sizes

Image #2: 1-3km donut trade area is displayed on the map in the Save Area(s) screen.

Donut trade area on map

Image #3: 1-3km and 4-6km donut trade areas are displayed on the map in the Save Area(s) screen.

Two donut trade areas on map

Band or donut trade areas can also be created using drivetime areas (e.g. 10- to 20-minute drivetime distance). Note, however, that these areas can become quite complex and can take much longer to draw on the map.