Creating Areas Around Locations

You can create distance or time-based Trade Areas around multiple locations. You also have the option to create custom areas around locations within the mapping interface

Use WalkMe Through to be taken through a step-by-step of this process in ENVISION itself! Click on the WalkMe Through button below to get started!

WalkMe Through

Inputs Required:


1. In the side panel, navigate to My Data > Locations.


2. In the Locations File page, click the name of the file that you wish to use. This is only to be used for files with less than 150 areas.

Note: If your file has between 150 and 5,000 areas, select the gear icon mceclip0.png to the right of the file name and select Create Areas

3. Select the gear icon mceclip0.png and choose Create Areas.


Select Filter: Chooses an existing filter that will be applied to your location file 
Create Areas: Defines the Trade Area type and unit of measurement
Delete Selected: Deletes selected records from the location file

4. The following will pop-up, where you can create area(s) around your location(s) by Time, using Drivetime (Heavy Traffic and Night) or Walking.


Or you can choose to create area(s) around your location(s) by Distance, using either Linear Distance or Drive Distance, measured by Miles or Kilometers.


5. Once defined, click Next Step.

6. You can define areas by Constant (every location receives the same size areas) or Dynamic (sizes are read from an existing field in your data).

7. Adjust the Sizes around your areas.

Note: Ensure that you place a comma ( , ) after each size.


Note: If you chose to create area(s) around your location(s) using distance, you have the option to Remove Overlap for single Trade Areas. This function however, is not available for multiple Trade Area sizes. Switch on or off as required.

  • ON indicates that there will be no overlap
  • OFF indicates that there will be overlap between Trade Areas

8. Click Next.

9. Add a Description and any necessary Tags to your location file.


10. Turn the Available in All Workspaces switch on or off as required.


  • ON indicates that this file is available in every workspace
  • OFF indicates that this file is only available in the current workspace

11. Click Create.

12. You will receive a notification indicating that your areas are being created, you will also receive a notification when the file becomes available for use. 

In the side panel, navigate to My Data > Areas to view your newly created Trade Areas.

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