Locate the My Account dropdown menu in the top right corner to change settings in your SPOTLIGHT account.

My Account menu

There are four sections to this article:

  1. My Account
  3. Help/Support
  4. About Us

My Account

My account heading

  1. Change your email under the Account heading.
  2. Change your password by entering your old one and then a new one, following the password requirement guidelines.
  3. Enable two-factor authentication.
  4. Update other profile information, including phone number, first and last name, display name, and job title.


My Spotlight menu

  1. Change the information of your organization's profile. Click Save changes.
  2. Your data product orders will show here. 
  3. Look at your subscription to EA data products, what is included, and when the subscription expires.
  4. My Credit Cards displays the credit cards on the account.
  5. My Settings allows you to change the color and logo of your organization. Click Save changes. 


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About Us

Provides the source and vintage information for your licensed data products.