MoneyMatters Powered by CFM

MoneyMatters Powered by Canadian Financial Monitor (CFM) is a major source of household financial characteristics in Canada. It’s based on a large national sample survey of about 16,000 respondents and developed with input from some of the nation’s largest financial institutions. The MoneyMatters database provides competitive insights, channel preferences, and financial behaviour measured by the survey at the six-digit, postal code level (FSALDU). With national coverage of over 1,200 variables, the MoneyMatters database is a vital source of consumer information on personal banking, investments, credit, and insurance. MoneyMatters data also can be linked to PRIZM, providing segment-based analysis for answering diverse financial questions—an invaluable resource for C-suite executives and frontline managers for customer profiling, strategic planning, trade area analysis, and target marketing. MoneyMatters helps financial companies, such as banks, insurance companies, and brokerage firms to promote their services, evaluate potential branch locations and cross-sell products to their key customer segments.

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