Our WealthScapes family comprises our core WealthScapes product, WealthScapes Lite, WealthScapes Fundraiser, and WealthScapes Daytime.

WealthScapes & WealthScapes Lite

WealthScapes is the most comprehensive database for information on Canadians' assets, liabilities, net worth, and income. Built using authoritative data from a variety of sources—such as the Bank of Canada, Canada Revenue Agency, and Statistics Canada—and sophisticated modelling techniques, WealthScapes is designed for financial planning, marketing, and targeting applications. Updated to December 2022, the latest version features a database of 109 key financial and investment statistics to help financial institutions, charitable organizations, and large retailers better understand their customers' financial and investment behaviour. As in years past, the key variables used in WealthScapes are created to match the best available control totals in Canada as endorsed by chief economists. See the WealthScapes Release Notes "What's New" section for more information on the latest enhancements. A subset of summary-level financial variables is also available in WealthScapes Lite.

Note: Check out the "What's New" section in the WealthScapes Release Notes for more information on recent product changes and new capabilities.

WealthScapes Fundraiser

WealthScapes Fundraiser is a selection of income, wealth, and expenditure variables from WealthScapes and HouseholdSpend used to assess the charitable giving capacity of prospective donors. When the prospect's age is known, the database can also provide age-specific estimates of household income and liquid assets. Delivered exclusively in flat file format, WealthScapes Fundraiser allows users to append estimates to prospect lists for screening and predictive modelling.

WealthScapes Fundraiser has two add-on options: WealthScapes Fundraiser - AgeByIncome and WealthScapes Fundraiser - LiquidAssets. Both options can complement the core product by breaking out average income or average liquid assets by six age ranges of household maintainers.

WealthScapes Daytime

WealthScapes Daytime incorporates key variables from DaytimePop and WealthScapes, such as daytime
population at work, daytime population at home, balances, contributions, incomes and values. By using a
commuter flow and workplace information, WealthScapes Daytime accounts for both the daytime population at a usual place of work (the commuting population) and at home (the non-commuting population). These DaytimePop ratios can be applied to the 36 WealthScapes variables in the database to help users better understand the daytime demand for financial products and the consumer spending power of an area during business hours.

Below is a video (13:18 mins) that covers product details, sources, methodology, applications, and key questions about this product. Watching this video will provide you with an overview of the product and give you ideas for how it can be used in your work.

Following the video, there are some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes, variable list, metadata, and variable composition.

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