Neighbourhood View

Neighbourhood View™ is used by marketers to target products and services based on the financial health of an area. This authoritative database is a key data driver in predictive models and evaluating risk. It offers privacy-compliant aggregated credit data from Equifax® Canada, which facilitates a broad range of marketing applications, including segmentation, risk analysis, market analysis, customer insights and media planning. Available as PRIZM profiles and neighbourhood summaries, this database consists of more than 190 variables—such as household debt level and the number of credit applications made in the last three months—grouped into four separate modules to provide a powerful financial analysis tool for understanding the credit characteristics of consumers and markets.

The privacy-compliant database makes it easy for marketers to determine which areas with desired credit characteristics are likely to contain good prospects. The following four modules give a summary view of the credit characteristics of consumers and markets for a more financially insightful picture of a neighborhood, beyond what is found in demographic data.

  • Module “A” provides an overall picture of total debt and current delinquency
  • Module “B” provides details by issuer type (e.g. banks vs. credit cards) and structure (e.g. installment vs. revolving)
  • Module “C” provides details regarding historical delinquency, age of creditor and average Equifax credit scores
  • Module “D” provides all of the above, but only for mortgages (Modules “A,” “B” and “C” refer to non-mortgage and non-home equity lines of credit)

Below, you will find some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes, variables list, metadata, glossary and user guide.

Additional Resources:
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