Neighbourhood View

Neighbourhood View™ is used by marketers to target products and services based on the financial health of an area. This authoritative database is a key data driver in predictive models and evaluating risk. It offers privacy-compliant aggregated credit data from Equifax® Canada, which facilitates a broad range of marketing applications, including segmentation, risk analysis, market analysis, customer insights and media planning. Available as PRIZM profiles and neighbourhood summaries, this database consists of 190 variables-including household debt level, debt utility, credit risk and number of credit applications made in the last three months-and serves as a powerful financial analysis tool to understand the credit characteristics of consumers and markets.

Below, you will find some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes, variable list, metadata, glossary, and user guide.

Additional Resources:
Neighbourhood View Release Notes
Neighbourhood View Variables List
Neighbourhood View Metadata
Neighbourhood View Glossary
Neighbourhood View User Guide

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