WealthCare measures financial health and wellness for an organization’s customers by evaluating financial behaviours and attitudes across four key dimensions. This approach provides financial institutions with the intelligence they need to engage customers in relevant conversations and help them manage their financial goals to meet their financial wellness profile. WealthCare is built by integrating over 100 data variables across 10 data sources, including financial holdings, spending patterns, social values and attitudes related to financial health in Canada.

WealthCare provides an overall indicator of financial wellness by age to help identify the challenges and opportunities customers are likely to experience and to highlight the differences in wellness scores by lifestage.

WealthCare’s overall score is comprised of four component grades:

  1. Leverage: Evaluates whether your customers have a balanced relationship between assets and debt
  2. Spending: Determines the likelihood of your customers living within their means
  3. Planning: Assesses whether households are making their financial future a priority
  4. Financial Acumen: Analyzes the degree to which households self-invest, seek advice or hold a diversity of investments

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Additional Resources

WealthCare Score
Range Definition
Low Lower than 290
Medium 290-669
High 670 or higher

Leverage Score
Range Definition
Low Lower than 420
Medium 420-694
High 695 or higher

Planning Score
Range Definition
Low Lower than 270
Medium 270-684
High 685 or higher

Financial Acumen Score
Range Definition
Low Lower than 275
Medium 275-654
High 655 or higher

Spending Score
Range Definition
Low Lower than 325
Medium 325-664
High 665 or higher