Households with the same incomes and wealth can approach their finances in very different ways. The knowledge and comfort levels your customers have with financial matters will significantly influence the financial decisions they make. To serve these households effectively, banks and credit unions need to gain a deeper understanding of their members’ spending habits and financial knowledge. WealthCare is a proprietary data-driven scoring system that identifies the financial wellness of your members so you can support them on their financial journey in more relevant and meaningful ways.

WealthCare provides an overall indicator of financial wellness by age to help financial institutions identify the challenges and opportunities their customers are likely to experience. The overall score is comprised of four component grades that measure financial wellness based on over 100 variables spanning across 10 data sources.

Below, you will find some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes, variables list and score range glossary.

Additional Resources:
WealthCare Release Notes
WealthCare Variables List
WealthCare Score Range Glossary

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