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WealthTrends is part of our COVID recovery suite of products providing a more recent economic and financial status update for Canadian dissemination areas. WealthTrends is an essential add-on to licensed WealthScapes users. Following a WealthScapes annual update, which is built using the values up to the end the previous year, three quarterly successions of WealthTrends data releases provide updates to key WealthScapes and Employment Rate variables.

Quarterly estimates are modelled using key inputs and control totals from Equifax, Teranet, Canadian Financial Monitor, Bank of Canada, Labour Force Survey, National Economic Accounts, and DemoStats. Using this more recent information, WealthTrends reflects the economic wellbeing of Canadians throughout-the-year and better captures the impact from economic factors and events. WealthTrends can be used by financial institutions, retailers, and governments to adjust strategies to reflect recent economic conditions.

Below, you will find some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes, variables list and metadata.

Additional Resources: 
WealthTrends Release Notes
WealthTrends Variables List
WealthTrends Metadata

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