ShopperChoice helps CPG retailers, CPG manufacturer, restaurants, and food delivery companies understand the mindset of today’s shopper and how they navigate the path to purchase when empowered with so many choices. ShopperChoice offers insights into how Canadians are shopping smarter, and what type of products they research and purchase. It also looks at shopping preferences, online shopping behaviours, and what store qualities will earn their loyalty and keep them coming back. ShopperChoice is also helpful in answering the daily question that all Canadian’s face, “what’s for dinner?” It shows a perspective into the daily meal habits of Canadian households. ShopperChoice helps identify the occasion, frequency, and satisfaction of households that are eating at home, eating out, or simply picking up a ready-to-eat meal while doing groceries.

ShopperChoice combines Nielsen's Economic Impact, Private Label Review – Consumer, Health & Wellness, Digital Shopper Segmentation and Home Meal Replacement surveys and links to PRIZM, our comprehensive segmentation system that classifies Canadian Neighbourhoods into 67 unique groups, based on geographic, demographic and psychographic data.

Below you will find some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes, variable list, and metadata.

Additional Resources

ShopperChoice Release Notes
ShopperChoice Variables List
ShopperChoice Metadata

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