Opticks Powered by Vividata (Gender)

Opticks Powered by Vividata (Gender) is Canada's premier gender-based behavioural database available at the neighbourhood level. It offers over 6,700 variables for those identifying as male or female across 52 population-based categories. Respondents to Vividata's syndicated study from those genders are used to generate the lifestyle and media behavioural estimates that pertain to each group, separating male and female data helps to answer two important needs:

  • Identify if men or women are more likely to purchase or partake in an activity.
  • Understand which female or male group is likely to do it more.

Note: While EA as a company respects all gender identities, the current version of Vividata (Gender) currently only includes male and female genders. Limitations in reporting of other gender identities are primarily related to low sample sizes.

Opticks Powered by Vividata (Gender) helps companies, government agencies and not-for-profits better understand their customers for a range of media and marketing applications. Opticks Powered by Vividata (Gender) is offered as an add-on option to our Opticks Powered by Vividata product, and users must be Vividata members.

Below are some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes, variable list, metadata and a 'How to Use' document.

What's New

This release of Opticks Powered by Vividata (Gender) introduces over 2,400 new variables for each gender. These new variables speak to themes such as advertising sentiment, travel attractions and travel events, as well as nearly 600 new psychographics including themes such as cannabis, sports better and home décor/improvement.

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