Opticks Powered by AskingCanadians: eShopper, Mobile, Social

Environics Analytics' Opticks Powered by AskingCanadians data is developed into three datasets: eShopper, Mobile and Social.


Opticks eShopper Powered by AskingCanadians™ offers 1,675 variables that describe the digital and offline marketplace behaviour of Canadians. The AskingCanadians™ eShopper survey is an online study of 14,417 respondents, that measures a wide range of online shopping behaviour, ranging from product research to purchase preferences, for all segments of Canadian society. As marketers seek ways to understand Canadian consumers better, the Opticks eShopper database provides vital insights into how different consumers are using the latest online technology in the purchase process. By learning how customers integrate digital technology into the retail experience, businesses can better design their marketing, messaging, and merchandising to reach their target customers effectively.

What's New?

The AskingCanadians™ eShopper database has undergone significant enhancements this year, with nearly 400 new variables added to the roster. The Online Product Purchase category leads with over a quarter of the new variables, followed by Online Usage with 63 new variables, and Online Product Research with 58 new variables. Meanwhile, we’ve streamlined the database by removing 63 variables across these same categories in the 2024 update.


Opticks Mobile Powered by AskingCanadians™ helps companies and not-for-profits determine their customers’ mobile behaviour for a range of media and marketing applications. This dataset is based on the AskingCanadians™ online survey, which asked 18,823 respondents about their ownership and usage of mobile devices, the appeal of various mobile technology features, and their attitudes toward mobile marketing. Opticks Mobile offers 1,041 variables on mobile behaviour.

With this dataset, marketers can more accurately profile customers and prospects by their mobile behaviour, including minutes spent texting, preferred apps, and favourite tablet manufacturers. By evaluating mobile behaviour, brand preferences, and usage, advertisers and ad agencies can design more powerful mobile marketing strategies to reach target audiences.

What's New?

The AskingCanadians™ Mobile database has undergone enhancements this year, with 67 new variables added to the roster, none of which have been dropped. Most of these additions are in the Devices—Applications category. Of note, are updates to variables related to paid and free applications used.


The Opticks Social is a comprehensive database that allows businesses and not-for-profits to determine the social media behaviour of all segments of Canadian society. It is derived from an online survey of 19,372 respondents from AskingCanadians™. The database provides 889 variables on who is visiting the leading social media websites, what they are doing and how much time they spend blogging, tweeting, posting photos and sharing links.

From Facebook to X to LinkedIn, social media websites are used by millions of Canadians for updating their profiles and sharing links, reading, and publishing blogs, posting photos and news items, and playing online games. The Opticks Social database helps companies and not-for-profits determine their customers’ usage of online social media for a range of media and marketing applications.

What's New?

The AskingCanadians™ Social database has undergone considerable enhancements this year, with 126 new variables added to the roster. These additions are spread across the following categories: Social Media Usage, Social Media Activities – TikTok, and Social Media Behaviours. Of note are updates to variables relating to TikTok, Threads, and Spotify. Meanwhile, 30 variables were dropped from the Social Media Usage category for 2024. Reflecting a major rebranding of Twitter in the past year, all references to this platform have been updated to reflect the new name, “X,” and “Tweets” have been changed to “Posts.”

Below you will find a short video that covers product details, sources, methodology, applications and key questions about these products. Watching this video will provide you with an overview of the products and give you some ideas for how it can be used in your own work.

Following the video, there are some additional resources linked for your reference: release notes, variable list and metadata.

Please note that the video contains information on the eShopper, Mobile, and Social datasets.

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Social: Beginning - 1:10; 5:24 - 7:35

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