ClickScapes captures visitors and visits to individual mobile apps and websites to provide a new view of the digital behaviour of Canadians. The data are categorized by organizations and interests such as travel, financial planning, education, shopping and more. ClickScapes offers weekly information to keep you abreast of digital trends and campaign effectiveness.

The database is built using aggregated and de-identified data from mobile and home internet web behaviours, demographics from EA’s DemoStats product, PRIZM segmentation and EA models. ClickScapes is a combination of “Big Data” harnessed and normalized using a wide variety of best practices.

The database is available at two levels of insights, ClickScapes and ClickScapes Trends. Variables in both products are categorized as a Home Internet derived web behaviour or a Mobile Network derived web behaviour. Home Internet behaviours are those captured using a residential Wi-Fi or ethernet connection and Mobile Network behaviours are those captured via connection to a 5G, LTE or 3G mobile network. Home internet variables are based to households and Mobile Network variables are based to household population 15+. ClickScapes and ClickScapes Trends differ in how frequently they are updated and for which time periods are available.


  • Unique visitors and visit days metrics are available for each web behaviour variable
  • In 2023 Workspaces:
    • Home Internet and Mobile Network variables available from January 2021 to present
  • In 2022 Workspaces:
    • Home Internet variables available starting August 2020 ending December 2023
    • Mobile Network variables available starting January 2019 ending December 2023
    • Data in 2022 workspaces will no longer receive monthly updates going forward
  • Available for quarterly and yearly time periods
  • Updated annually

ClickScapes Trends

  • Includes everything from the ClickScapes dataset
  • Available for weekly and monthly time periods, in addition to quarters and years
  • Updated monthly

What's New?

  1. Updated Variable List: ClickScapes 2023 will feature an updated website list with newly added websites.
  2. Improved Consistency: We now have greater consistency in website availability on both a weekly and monthly basis. Additionally, all ClickScapes 2023 variables will be available from January 2021 to present for both Home and Mobile variables.
  3. ENVISION Workspace Availability: ClickScapes will now be accessible within 2023 ENVISION workspaces, allowing users to benefit from updated Census geographies., Data in 2022 ENVISION workspaces will no longer receive monthly updates moving forward. To take advantage of the ClickScapes 2023 updates, please move over to a 2023 workspace.

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