Using the Batching Feature in Customer Reports in Standard ENVISION Tools

Customer Report Batching is an option that allows users to save time and effort by generating separate reports for each customer segment based on selected categorical or text fields. The feature is an additional option to the existing customer input, used mainly in standard reports, and is available for all customer file types.

One slice is produced per category or text value, and the benchmark remains the same across all the batched categories or text values.

Use cases for this feature include analyzing customer purchase behaviour by segment, segmenting them by member class status, or specific variables such as age group, income brackets, locations, etc.

Inputs required:

  1. Launch your desired tool from the ENVISION home page. Batching exists in the following standard ENVISION tools:

    • Ranking Areas - Customers
    • Ranking Consumption - Customers
    • Ranking Variables - Customers
    • Profile - Customers
    • Consumption Profile - Customers
    • Vividata Gender - Customers
    • Executive Reports - Customers

    ENVISION toolbar

  2. Click Next.

    Click next

    Tip: Click and drag a page to change their order (if applicable).

  3. Select your customer file or MobileScapes visit data by checking the box next to it.

    Select customer file

  4. On the right of the page, click to switch the Batch toggle to ON.

  5. Click on the field selector to choose which field from your file you want to use for batching.

    Batch field selector

    Note: If there are no fields available for selection, it's likely because your Customer file was not configured with a categorical field on upload into ENVISION. See Importing Customers opens in new window for help selecting a categorical field for your data.

  6. Select a Benchmark by clicking the check mark next to it. 

    Select a benchmark

  7. Complete any other configurations the selected tool requires. Otherwise, customize your dashboard name and click Create Dashboard.

    Customize name and click create dashboard

  8. You will see a typical report output on the Results page. However, when you expand the results panel on your report, you can slice the data based on the fields you selected for batching.

    The report will update accordingly.

    Tip: To easily and quickly compare the different slices of your report, download it as an Excel file from ENVISION in Side-by-Side format.

See our How-to-Read ENVISION Reports opens in new window for more information on interpreting your results.