Sharing My Data/Assets

Assets, also known as My Data in ENVISION, refer to any inputs or files that were created or uploaded by you, the end-user, in ENVISION. These include areas, locations, customers, variables, target groups, filters and report templates. As the end-user, you have full control over your assets and they can therefore be edited or even deleted as you wish.

To supplement your analysis or inquiry, ENVISION allows for the sharing of assets across multiple workspaces and workgroups. Sharing assets allows for timely, consistent and insightful collaboration.

The following sections will outline important notes and definitions, along with the methods of sharing and unsharing assets across workgroups and workspaces:

Important Notes and Definitions

  • A Workspace opens in new window is like a file folder or filing system that can be created in your ENVISION account. A workspace can be created for each of your projects to keep assets and results organized and separated. Each ENVISION account starts with a default workspace.
  • A Workgroup is created only when your organization licenses more than one ENVISION account. Environics Analytics automatically creates a workgroup for your organization. If you only have a single ENVISION account, then you are not part of a workgroup. The workgroup allows for the sharing of assets between ENVISION accounts for collaboration and timesaving.

For example, for an organization that licenses three ENVISION accounts, if one user uploads a customer file, then this file can be accessed by the other two users if the file is shared to the workgroup. This will save time and effort for the other users as they do not need to upload the file themselves.

  • Asset-Sharing Owners create the assets and have the ability to share these to other workspaces in their account or other members of their workgroup.
  • To share assets with other workspaces in your account, use the Global option (see Sharing Assets Across Multiple Workspaces). To unshare assets that have been previously shared, use the Local option found in the original workspace.
  • To share assets to a workgroup, use 'Manage Sharing' function (see Sharing Assets Within a Workgroup).
  • Note: Any edits to the assets that have been shared by the Asset-Sharing Owner will be automatically reflected for the members of the workgroup.
  • Asset-Sharing Recipients are the members of a workgroup who can access assets that have been shared by the asset-sharing owner.
  • Asset-sharing recipients cannot reshare those assets.
  • If multiple sets of data are linked by the asset-sharing owner, such as a location file and an area, then these two data must be shared to the workgroup to retain the linkages in asset-sharing recipient accounts.
  • Asset-Sharing Recipients cannot create new links to areas that have been shared to the workgroup.
  • Asset-Sharing Recipients cannot modify the data vintage of the assets that are shared with them. Shared assets are automatically shared to all workspaces that have the same data vintage year and same segmentation system.
  • Shared customer data and customer filters can only be accessed in a workspace of the same data vintage year and same segmentation system as the original workspace in which the file or filter was uploaded or created.

For example, a customer file uploaded to a PRIZM 2021-Postal Code workspace and shared cannot be accessed in a PRIZM 2022-Postal Code workspace because the vintage year is not the same. Or a customer file uploaded to a PRIZM 2021-Postal Code workspace and shared cannot be accessed in a PRIZM 2021-DA workspace because the segmentation system is different.

Sharing Assets Within a Workgroup

There are two ways to share assets in ENVISION. You can share several assets at once, or you can share one at a time (this can be done with all assets).

Types of Sharable Assets:

  • Standard Areas
  • Custom Areas
  • Variables
  • Locations
  • Customers
  • Filters
  • Target Sets

Sharing Multiple Assets

  1. Select the assets you wish to share by clicking the check mark next to it.

    Select assets

  2. Select the gear icon gear icon at the top of the page.

  3. Click Manage Sharing.

  4. Select the group(s) that you wish to share the assets with by clicking the check mark next to the group.

    Select group

  5. Click Share. The assets are now shared with all the users in the workgroup.

Sharing a Single Asset

  1. For the asset you wish to share, click the gear icon in the far right column.

    Click gear icon on asset

  2. Click Manage Sharing.

  3. Select the group(s) you wish to share the asset with by clicking the check mark next to the group.

    Select group

  4. Click Share.

    Share button

Unsharing Assets

  1. Click the gear icon gear icon to the far right of the assets you wish to unshare.

  2. Click Manage Sharing.

  3. The group you previously shared your assets with should be selected. Unselect it by clicking on the check mark.

  4. Click Share.

    Share button

Sharing Assets Across Multiple Workspaces

You can also make assets available across all workspaces created under a single username. This can often be done as you are initially creating or importing your asset(s). When you see the Available in all Workspaces option, toggle to ON.

Available in all workspaces toggle

This will automatically share the asset(s) in all your workspaces. However, if you miss this option, or have already created the asset(s), there is another way to do so.

  1. Select the asset(s) as above, either multiples or individually.

  2. Click the gear icon gear icon and select Make Global. This will make the asset(s) available in all the workspaces associated with your username.

Note: To remove the asset(s) from other workspaces, you can repeat the process outlined above but choose the Make Local option. In order to do this, you must be in the workspace in which the asset was originally created.