Create and Activate a New Workspace

Workspaces are a feature that allows users to organize Assets (such as areas, customer and
location files and Target Sets), organize Results (such as reports, dashboards, and maps).

Workspaces also allow you to customize your Settings (for example; branding, area definitions
and distance decay settings) as well as Terminology. The Workspace settings will override any
Account settings. You can think of a Workspace as being similar to a file folder or filing system; you may decide to use one workspace for all your projects, or you can create a workspace for each project to keep assets and results organized and separated.

Workspaces are also helpful for organizations that have multiple users using the same
ENVISION account. Each user can create their own workspace to use.

Assets can be shared among all Workspaces if needed.

NOTE: Please take care to use the most recent vintage of workspace that is appropriate to the most recent vintage of data you wish to use.  That is, to access 2019 data you will need to create a new 2019 workspace. A 2018 workspace will only contain 2018 data.

The attached document will walk you through the process of creating and activating a new Workspace.

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