Create and Activate a New Workspace

Workspaces allow users to organize assets such as areas, customer/location files, and target sets along with results such as reports, dashboards, and maps. Workspaces also allow users to customize their settings such as branding, area definitions, distance decay settings, and terminology. The workspace settings will override any account settings. 

The workspace system is similar to a file folder or filing system. With no limit on the number of workspaces you can create, create one for each of your projects to keep assets and results organized and separated.

Note: You must create a new workspace to access the latest vintage of data. For example, to access 2021 data you will need to create a 2021 workspace. This is especially true of segmentation data, which often gets released after the first release of demographic data.  In order to use the new segmentation data, a new workspace must be created and the segmentation system selected.

Use WalkMe Through to be taken through a step-by-step of this process in ENVISION itself. Click on the WalkMe Through button below to get started.

WalkMe Through

  1. In the side panel, click My Workspaces.

    My Workspaces in side panel

  2. Click Create New.

    Create new button

  3. Select the version of ENVISION that you would like to use for your new workspace. 

    Select Canada or USA

  4. Click Next

  5. Select the Data Vintage and Segmentation System. Your selection list will be limited by your license agreement.

    Note: If you are creating a Canadian workspace, PRIZM Postal Code is the more granular option than PRIZM DA (dissemination area), and is generally the more popular option.

  6. Enter a Name for the workspace. You could use the name of the project you are working on or the name of the user working on the project.

  7. If necessary, add a Description. You may wish to include details about the timeframe of the project.

  8. If necessary, add Tags. Tags are used to help with searching.

    Workspace details

  9. Click Create. Your new workspace will now appear in the list.

    List of workspaces

  10. Now that the workspace has been created, it needs to be made active. There are two ways to do this:

    • Click the name of the workspace and then click Open.
    • Click the gear icon, gear icon and click Open.

    The name of the active workspace will show in the banner at the top of the ENVISION page. On the My Workspaces page, the active workspace will be bolded.

  11. You can change your workspace to another existing one at any time by clicking the workspace name in the banner at the top of the ENVISION page to bring up the workspace menu.  

    Choose the vintage year required and then click on the name of a workspace to activate it.

    We recommend using the most recent workspace vintage to access the most up-to-date data.