Creating and Editing Customer Filters

ENVISION allows you to create and edit filters for your imported customer files.

Create a New Filter

You can create a new filter within ENVISION tools, with the ability to build a query and save it for future use.

  1. Begin by selecting the tool you wish to work with.

    This example will focus on one of the tools filters can be used with, Ranking Variables - Customer. Filters are available in many standard ENVISION tools.

  2. Select the customer file by clicking the arrow next to the file name and then selecting the Record Count check box.

    Select record count

  3. Click the switch to turn ON the filter and query builder.

    Toggle filter on

    If you are working with an existing filter, you can select it from the list.

  4. To create a new filter, click in the box, type a name and press Enter.

  5. In the second box, choose the field on which to build a query.

    Tip: If you have no fields available, you may not have specified any additional fields when you imported the customer file. To fix this, you will need to import the customer file again. For more information, see Importing Customers opens in new window.

  6. Choose the specific details of the query. In this example, all the customers who have a dollar amount greater than $500 will be selected.

    Query builder

  7. Click Add to Query.

    If you wish, you can create a query with more than one parameter.

  8. Choose the specific details of the second part of the query. In this example, you will also select the customers who are categorized as 'yearly'. 

    Second part of query builder

  9. Click Add to Query.

  10. Once you have finished building your query click Save Filter.

    You can now continue to use the tool with your filtered customer file, or leave the tool and navigate to My Data and then Filters in the side panel to see a list of all of your created filters.

    Filters in side panel menu

Editing an Existing Filter

Once you have a filter created and saved, you can make changes to it. You can change something simple like the name of the query or the structure of the query itself.

  1. In the side panel, click My Data and then Filters. The list of existing filters appears.

    List of filters

  2. Click on the name of the filter you want to edit and the properties of the query will be displayed.

    Edit filter properties

  3. Make any necessary changes here. This example illustrates changing the name of the query as well as removing one of the parameters of the query. You can also add parameters to the query if required.

    Change filter properties example

  4. Once you are finished, click Save changes.

    You can now use the modified filter.