Changing the Primary Colour and Logo

ENVISION allows users to customize their outputs by updating their primary colour and logo to match their organization. These customizations will be visible on maps and report outputs.

1. In the top-right corner of the ENVISION screen, click the area with the username and picture.


2. In the list that appears, click My ENVISION.


3. In the My ENVISION menu on the left, click Settings.


4. Under the Branding Section, you will see both the Primary Colour option and the Company Logo.


5. To change the colour, click the box with the colour swatch.


Tip: The number next to the colour is a HEX code. If you know the HEX code you wish to use, you can enter it here. If you have an RGB code (or similar) you can find many tools online that can convert it to a HEX code.

6. To change the logo, click on the camera icon inside the picture.


7. Browse to find the appropriate logo and click Open.

8. Click Save Changes.


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